Very soon, we will be giving away “hoots” to help house the owls west of Westlake.

“How does this help,” you ask?

Well, we are hoping to bring about awareness of our organization so that our mission of helping the owls and developers alike, may come to fruition someday. The first part of our mission – helping owls who are displaced by progress – is simple. We hope to inspire others who have the means, to build and put up owl boxes. We believe many would be happy to do this if they only knew the benefits of doing so. We believe that they (like we not too long ago), merely did not know that by building a couple of boxes based on specifications and hanging them up, could help save a family of owls as well as provide an effective measure of rodent control.

Another measure of our mission is focused on studying the different types of these magnificent animals and researching various ways to render aid. Take the Burrowing Owl, for example, it’s lifestyle and habits are not like that of the Barn or Screech Owl, and therefore, requires a different solution than building and hanging boxes. This species proves to be challenging, finding a solution for, that is, for they seem to be causing developers the most problems (when talking wildlife issues).

The final aspect of our mission is to try to find solutions for the developers who are told they must displace the wildlife, or are told that they cannot. When one burrowing owl creates a problem for many investors, well, that is a problem. A solution can be reached, one which does not prevent a developer from constructing nor create a refugee status for feathered friends.

So that is what we are working towards here at Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Ranch Incorporated. Thank you for your support!