Meet Miss Kitty – she is short and stocky but don’t let this fool you, for she is also fast. She hardly has a tail, about which she seems angry. Of course, I am not a licensed cat psychiatrist, but I do play one on the ranch, and I would bet that her anger has to do with whatever happened to her tail. Or she was just born that way and I am way off.

Either way, Miss Kitty is one bad mother, although she’s never actually been a mother. I mean, she is mean. Not to me, and not to people, generally, but to the other cats. She has the classic, “I’m gonna get you before you get me,” attitude with her fellow felines.

One day, Millie, my three-year old black and white sweetheart, tried coming up to Miss Kitty while staying a good distance away at the same time, and I said, “Miss Kitty, Millie is holding out an olive branch, she wants to be friends with you.”

Millie, on the right

Miss Kitty shot me a look, narrowed her eyes, and then sort-of hopped about two feet further away and laid down, relaxed like. “Well, Millie,” I said, “looks like Miss Kitty might give it a try but it’s gotta be a long branch,” I said, attempting at a little humor. It fell flat. Neither of the cats laughed. I did, however, and I amused myself considerably, several times, saying to seventeen other cats in Loxahatchee something like, “You’ll be fine on the ranch if you just give Miss Kitty a long branch!”

When it comes to the many owls on the ranch, which Miss Kitty loves to sit and watch, I am the one who prefers the branch to be long. We have screech owls and barn owls and horned owls all around. When we found a family nesting in our shed, we started building owl boxes.


To know the best way to build an owl box, we did some research. Not only did we find some great information, we discovered our desire to do our own type of research. For instance, one of our questions – Do owls provide an effective method of rodent control for folks in the country, and if so, does the benefit outweigh whatever negative aspects there may be to having a family of owls live nearby?

In our blog, we plan to provide our experiences pertaining to such topics, as well as pass along some of the stuff we have learned from others. We also hope to have photos and videos of the owls to share. Some cute ones of cats, too, we do. In addition, we share how we help others and how you can help, too.

A glimpse into the lives of the felines here at Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Ranch Incorporated, can be somewhat entertaining at times.

Miss Kitty crams herself into a women’s size 9.5 shoe box

We write of these times in our blog, along with the times when things are not so entertaining. Scary times have been had here, as well as sad. Like our journey through cancer with a cat. Indee. A sweetheart – he was that.

Indee adopted us in July 2010. He died from cancer in July 2015.

On January 20, 2020, we registered with Oklahoma’s Secretary of State, as is required of charitable organizations to do before operating business in the state and/or asking for donations. Once we have received notice from them confirming that our Florida nonprofit charitable organization may conduct business in Oklahoma as well, I will be back to change this message and tell you about the Hastings branch of Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Incorporated!